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May 27, 2022

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When a customer walks into the salon, its beautiful interior design usually creates the best lasting impression. Your hair salon plays an essential role in the success of your business. Similarly, your choice of hair salon decoration also plays a significant role in attracting the right clients to your salon. 

We compiled the most beautiful hair salon decoration ideas to help you find inspiration for your upcoming salon construction or remodeling project. 

1. Lots of Plants and Eclectic Elements

UK-based Hari’s Hairdressers is an excellent example of a natural design theme that integrates many plants and eclectic elements. It matches perfectly with minimalist furniture like the countertop and chairs. 

2. Brickwork and Lights

The open concept of this salon incorporates urban elements that add a modern touch. White walls maintain an open and airy feel, while warm colors in the brickwork and lighting fixtures tie everything into a single theme. 

3. A Classy Hair Salon Decoration

The classy hair salon decor features natural elements such as plants to provide privacy during services. Also, the styling chairs with double-sided workstations maximize the space.

4. Minimalist Design and Natural Lighting

This one’s a very modern and minimalist salon design with great inclusion of natural lighting and white walls. The design and decors will give every client who enters the room a warm, inviting feeling. 

5. Luxury and Glamor

This design is an example of luxury and glamor in a modern salon setting. Note how they took advantage of the large windows by positioning styling stations and mirrors next to them for fantastic views and lighting. 

6. Vintage and Bright Colors

A hair salon called Style Club Salon knows how to create a lasting impression on its clients and, at the same time, a lovely workplace for their hairdressers. Clients and stylists will surely chuckle with fun and excitement with its retro-themed decorations, vintage charge, and eye-catching colors. 

7. When Retro Meets Modern

This salon creates its own funky, retro meets modern look. The sign on the wall, the checkered flooring, and the bright colors separating different sections of the rooms feel new and fun.

8. Blush Pink Walls and an Accent Chair

This salon uses blush pink as the color motif and incorporates vintage-looking colors and double-sided workstations to maximize the narrow layout. At the same time, the accent chair in the corner matches beautifully with the walls and curtains of the same color tone. Apart from that, there’s a bonsai plant strategically placed in the styling area. 

9. Customized Mural

This hair salon is the epitome of contemporary glamor, with a customized mural that dominates the entire wall space. This is indeed something that clients are likely to share with family and friends after their visit.

10. Moss Wall and Colorful Chairs

This modern design utilizes natural decors like a moss wall and brightly-colored chairs. The pop of colors from the seating area pairs perfectly with the natural moss on the background. 

11. Product Display as Wall Accent

For salons with a large floor area, this upscale-modern layout uses an 18-foot illuminated retail product display as decor. The large multi-layer cupboard showcases various salon products and supplies. 

12. Rustic Chic

This hair salon features a high-end and rustic chic cozy interior. The oversized styling chairs and white walls with wood accents complete the overall rustic vibe of the salon. 

13. Pristine and Trendy Feel

The crisp white motif of this salon creates a new, urban and trendy feel. Decorative white mirrors placed next to white walls make everything look new and fresh. 

14. A Barbie-esque Blow Dry Bar

This hair and nail salon exudes a fun and retro feel with nail pampering stations next to Barbie-esque blow dry bars. The combination of mint green and pink makes the entire salon fun and relaxing. 

15. Cozy Waiting Area

The simple hair salon interior design with the right amount of decors to give this salon a luxurious and urban feel. In addition, the central waiting area for clients feels private and cozy.

16. Modern Storage Cabinets

This salon is a great model of eclectic minimalism with clean white walls and modern storage that looks like filing cabinets. This is a nice way to keep things organized and ready. 

17. Classy and Chic Details

If you like something different, this hair salon decoration definitely suits your taste. With custom details such as green chairs and a black quartz reception desk, this salon feels trendy and classic at the same time.

18. Wood Elements and Products Display

With a large, upscale interior layout, this salon features wood elements and white accents for a classic look. The organized product display at the end of the room also serves as a decorative accent. 

19. Salon with Industrial Accents

This salon looks unique yet welcoming, making excellent use of lighting and industrial accents. The natural elements like reclaimed bamboo also add a warm but modern atmosphere.

20. Glitter and Glamor

This glamorous beauty salon in Dubai has a unique style with modern, metallic finishes. The glittery decorations, mirrors, and chairs also draw the client’s attention.


Now that you’ve got a glimpse of different types of hair salon decorations, it’s time to prepare a mood board for your layout. Take note that decorations need not be expensive. It’s the creativity of your chosen accent pieces that matter most. The overall look of your salon is an expression of the quality of your services. Furthermore, it distinguishes your salon from other businesses.

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